Info about SFØ53ØCOH
SF Ø5 3Ø Change Of Heart



This is a special callsign to commemorate the organ donor that made my heart transplant possible (which took place on the 30th of May 2009) and the callsign is limited to only be used during two weeks before and two weeks after the annual day of my transplantation.

*** The next upcoming activity will be from the 8th to 14th of October to celebrate the Swedish Organ Donor week and the European Day for Organ Donation (13th of October). Frequency's as stated below ***

Veronica.... until the last beat of your heart.

Thanks all of you fellow hams out there for sharing this special moment with me.

73's de

Ove Friman

Upcoming schedule:

I will be QRV from the 13th of May until 16 Juni 2013 and you'll probably find me on the following QRG's:
CW: 3505.30 7005.30 14005.30 21005.30 28005.30 kHz
SSB: 3705.30 7105.30 14205.30 21205.30 28505.30 kHz